There are many special-needs children who face the prospects of a life limited by wheelchairs or constant care by another person.  That does not need to be their future.


How much a child can achieve beyond his or her present limitation depends on correct and early interventions.  It is imperative that these children are given a solid foundation on which to build to enhance their quality of life as they move into adulthood and independence.


Families need help to fund the gap--the gap between what insurance pays for, what their own person finances can take care of, and the actual costs of caring for their special-needs child. 


Please help us fund the gap for families!


Help a child get interventions or equipment to move more freely and safely through his or her home or community.  Help give a child the feeling of independence and self-worth.


Help fund research and provide education, training and community involvement to bring resources to more children.   Provide much needed help to caregivers.  Help enhance many lives.



Enhance a child's life and change the world.