Donations we receive provide grants to children with special needs in many ways:  therapies, equipment or procedures that help them achieve more function and independence.



We fund research in the area of pediatric care to increase knowledge, understanding and treatment of the disease processes or other health challenges.


Adaptive Equipment

Donations also help provide grants for children needing wheelchairs, walkers, forearm crutches, orthotics, or any other special adaptive equipment to help them better move, communicate and live.


Charitable Missions

Funds we receive provide grants for healthcare providers to travel to low-income areas in the USA or to other economically depressed countries. 


This funding can provide treatment to special-needs children who normally would have limited access to interventions.


Adapt Living Spaces

Some of our funding is used to adapt living spaces so that a child who uses a wheelchair, walker, or crutches can move around freely with safety and confidence.


We assess the changes that need to be made, and adapt the spaces with the help of trade school construction programs and corporate sponsors.


Training & Education

Funds are used to educate parents, caregivers, medical providers, school staff, insurance companies and other groups in best care practices for children with special needs.